The ‘D’ Word

Divorce is such an ugly thing.  I wish that I could write about something else right now, but this word ‘divorce’ has consumed my entire existence these days.  Twenty years is a long time to share a life with someone.  To have that tie severed is traumatic.  Especially when one of the parties involved hadRead more

And the Beat Goes On…

It’s been a little over a month since I last posted.  April was a terrible month.  May has slightly improved but only because of sheer strength of will.  April began with the meds not working – again.  A miserable place to be for sure.  I was trapped in this seemingly endless cycle of horrible thoughtsRead more

Depression and Emotional Numbness

Depression comes with a host of symptoms – lack of energy, sleeplessness, changes in diet, sense of guilt or hopelessness, etc.  Many feel an overwhelming sense of despair while depressed.  There is a sense of drowning in a sea of emotion.  Some don’t feel anything at all.  This is called emotional numbness.  Numbness can encompassRead more