Back to School!

It’s back to school time and I couldn’t be happier!  Summer break is nice when it first starts but by the end, the days seem endless and whatever structure that was there is out the window.  The first day of school starts a new season of routines and the end of chaos.

This year I’ve been working on starting the Fly Lady system again.  (If you’ve never heard of Fly Lady, click here.  It’s a whole system on keeping your entire life organized.)  Well – sort of.  An adapted version of Fly Lady anyway.  I have broken down all the household chores and created a set schedule for Ry and myself.  Schedules always help with Ry.  He likes knowing what is coming next and his transitions are much smoother.

For me – it gives me something to shoot for instead of wandering through the day wondering what to do next.  That’s become a real problem lately and doesn’t help the depression bit at all.  I think depression is better tended to with a routine anyway.  Structure is crucial in keeping me moving and motivated.

Ry starting school helps get the day started right too.  I MUST be up to get him ready on time.  During the summer there is no real reason to wake up at certain time making it so easy to stay in bed far too late into the day.  Getting Ry ready for the school bus means that I have to be up and dressed by a certain time.  I like getting up a little earlier though so that I can really wake up and start the day with a cup of coffee and a little quiet time to reflect on what is ahead.

Then it’s time to kick into gear.  Getting the boy bathed has become a science.  We have it down and can get him clean from head to toe and dressed in less than 10 minutes.  By the time he’s dressed he knows it is time to leave and he is more than ready.  He loves riding the bus and getting to be a “big kid.”  Shoes on and grab the backpack – it’s time to wait for the bus.  It’s funny though – as determined as he is to go to school, he’s just as determined to get home when it is time to pick him up.

So once he’s on the bus and on his way, it will be time for me to get busy.  I hope it works out like that anyway.  I have been doing yoga for the past several weeks so I’m hoping to keep up with that followed by chores then seriously getting back to blogging again.  Hopefully having the structure in place will foster my creative juices and motivation to get back on this wagon again like I need and want to.  After all a body in motion tends to stay in motion.  I really, truly need that to happen.

There is so much that needs to be done here around the house.  Since the summer has been one of my worst ever, I’m looking forward to starting this fall and school year with a new sense of purpose and a path that I can follow in order to get to where I want to be.  Back in the land of the living and sane.  Thank you all for any prayers and support you have sent my way.  Life will get better.  I’m sure of it.  I simply need to get my butt in gear to help make it happen.  Here’s to better days ahead.

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