What People Don’t Tell You About Being a Special Needs Parent

There are some things about being a special needs parent that don’t get discussed in general conversation.  Some things that sneak up on you and you kind of have to navigate on your own.  Self-care and hygiene are big ones and puberty is the main cause of the conundrum.  Puberty is usually considered a fairlyRead more

6 Phrases You May Only Hear at Our House…

We’ve come to realize that our home does not run like most households.  Things that are “normal” for us are not “normal” for others.  Ry’s schedule is a prime example.  Not many people need to take their 19-year-old to the bathroom for “potty time.”  We’ve also come to realize that there are phrases one will here quite frequently in our home that aren’t heard in others.  Here are some of them.