Disney Update

We have returned from our trip to Disney.  I wish I could say that it was the truly world changing, mind-lifting event I was so hoping I would be.  For all the planning I did where Ry was concerned, I forgot one other major component – me and my depression. It’s no secret that I’veRead more

A Quick Update

The depression has been bad lately.  Real bad.  All the old thoughts have been coming back with a vengeance.  I’m not good enough.  No one cares about me.  I’m just a waste of space.  Ry is really the only thing that has kept me going recently.  Someone needs to take care of him and makeRead more

8 Myths About Depression

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the United States.  According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Major Depressive Disorder affects over 16 million people per year and is the number one cause of disability in ages 15-44.  Yet there is still much stigma and misinformation out there about theRead more