Finding the Good in Yourself

Finding the good in yourself can be hard if you are in the throes of a mental disorder.  It is so easy for us to give in to the negative self-talk about ourselves when fighting our mental illness.  Yet it is so important for us to remember our worth and to practice self-love during these times.  The first step to self-love is finding the good in ourselves.  But how do we do that?  Here are some things to do to get started in that direction.

Look in the mirror – Take a good look in the mirror.  What do you see?  Try to focus on your best features instead of what you don’t like about yourself.  Do you have beautiful eyes?  Maybe stunning hair.  Or great cheekbones.  Focus on the good parts about yourself.

Talk to your friends and family – These people love and care for you for a reason.  Ask them!  Don’t worry if you think you sound needy – sometimes we are.  People who truly care about you won’t give a second thought about sharing what they like about you.  Make sure you listen to them!  It’s so easy for us to argue compliments – DON’T!!

Write a list of your accomplishments – Write down anything that you’ve done that has brought you pride.  No matter how small it may be – write them down and remember how you felt when you accomplished them.  Feel that pride again.

Write an affirmation – Think of something that makes you feel crummy about yourself.  Now create a statement that says the opposite.  Make that statement your new truth.  Write it down and repeat it to yourself often.  Eventually you will believe it.

Relive your best memory – Think of the best thing that has every happened to you.  How did you feel about yourself in that moment?  Focus on that.

Fine-tune your expectations – No-one is perfect – NO-ONE!  Not even you.  Make sure that you aren’t putting unrealistic expectations on yourself.  The only thing you should be expecting of yourself is your best effort at whatever you set your mind to.

Adjust your self-talk – Be your own cheerleader.  Make sure that you are only saying nice, supportive things to yourself.

Set a small goal and keep it – Find something that you want to do and make at least one small goal to reaching it.  Don’t go big here – something small that is completely attainable.  Now follow through.  This will give you another boost of accomplishment.

Do a good deed for someone – Sometimes finding the good in ourselves means doing something good for someone else.  We feel good when we can make someone else feel good.  And if we feel good, we can find it is easier to see the good in ourselves.

Focus on what makes you special and unique – This may be hard at first, but really pay attention to what makes you… YOU!  Maybe it’s a special skill – maybe a wicked sense of humor.  Whatever it is, you’ll realize it may be the best thing about you.

Finding the good in ourselves can be difficult, but it can be done.  Make the effort – especially if you’re having trouble grasping on to anything positive.  We are so much more than our disorder or illness.  Finding the good in ourselves leads to self-love which leads to the strength that can get us through some of the darkest days.

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