New Year, New Goals

Now that we have officially started the year 2019, New Year’s resolutions are being made.  I personally prefer to call them goals rather than resolutions.  No one sticks to their resolutions, but goals can be attained.  My main focus this year will be on bringing joy back into my life.  Lately especially, it feels as though life situations have sucked the joy right out of me and I hate it.  Here’s how I plan to bring it back and make myself happier.

  1. Let go and let God! – He has never let down – ever! I have been working so hard taking care of everyone else that what I am truly supposed to be doing gets lost.  I get lost.  In other words – His plans get mucked up by me trying to be and do more than He would like for me to.  God gave me a brain and a mouth and most importantly His guidance to oversee them both – I’m going to start putting more stock in it!  Joy comes from doing what you are meant to do.
  2. Get out of my shell – Over the past year especially, I have walled myself off from the world. My immediate family has become such a focus that I haven’t ventured very far from the house.  I have poured myself into Ry and his therapies.  I have been taking care of my daughter, Paix, as she has been fighting her mental health demons.  There has been so much attention given to the family that very little has been given to much else.  It’s time to branch out and find a place for myself outside of the house. Being a parent of a special needs child and one with mental health issues can be very lonely, but I refuse to sit back feeling sorry for myself.  There is a whole world out there full of people and experiences.  I should be a part of it!  Joy comes from sharing life with others.
  3. Make my home a more comfortable, livable space – So my home is a wreck. Not gross or over-run with clutter, but no where near the inviting, peaceful place I want it to be.  Years ago, I used to work the FlyLady program.  (For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, visit  Her system for cleaning up your life is fabulous!  And no – I’m not being paid to say that.)  It is time to revisit it and get my life cleared of C.H.O.A.S.  And if that means redecorating in the process, then bring it on!  Joy comes from comfortable, peaceful surroundings.
  4. Work harder on this blog – From this point on, I plan to allot more energy and love into this blog. For two years I worked to bring this to fruition and now that I’ve finally taken the plunge it’s time to get serious.  I’m currently making plans to provide more posts about living with special needs and information on different mental health strategies as they pertain to family living.  Joy – for me – comes from sharing my story in hopes that it helps others know they are not alone in their struggles.
  5. Re-establish my Craft Time – Crafting is my sanity. I have always loved creating things with my hands – anything and everything from trash to treasure crafts to sewing to DIY decorating to baking.  My favorite gifts to give and receive are those that can’t be bought in a store.  I lost my craft room when Paix moved back home last fall so my crafting has come to a complete halt.  This year I will find a way to craft again!  Joy comes from making things with my hands.

There are other, more mundane goals I have set for myself, but these are the ones that are the most important – the ones that I feel will bring joy back to me.  I hope each and every one of you identify the goals you need to set for yourself to make the most of this New Year.  It’s a clean slate right now people – make the most of it!

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Goals

  1. I love it!! The blog is fantastic and I know you’ll find an audience where your experience and advice will be so valuable to others. Here’s to 2019!

  2. Excellent achievable goals! I agree that Flylady is an terrific system for overcoming chaos and creating a pleasant home environment and organizing daily routines. I am glad to hear your goals involve focusing on your needs. You are doing a wonderful thing by writing this blog to share the wisdom and experience you have gained taking care of your extra special family. Love and prayers always.

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