A Day in the Life

The following is an actual account of a fairly normal Monday at our house.  Enjoy!

3:10am Ry wakes me up to get him something to drink

4:08am Ry wakes me up for more drink

5:13am More drink and a pull up change

6:03am More drink

7:15am I’m awake for the day and Ry wants to dance to the music from one of the apps on his kindle – the interactive story book Just Helping My Dad by Mercer Mayer.

7:30am Post todays article on the webpage.  Ry is playing on the piano in the living room.

7:45am Bathe Ry and get him ready for school

8:07am The school bus picks Ry up and I give Aidan a ride to the Toyota dealership to pick up his truck.  He had the key fob replaced on Saturday and was unable to pick it up that afternoon/evening because he was playing in the band at a basketball game on campus.  The dealership service department was closed on Sunday.

9:04am I lay down for a quick nap before doing any more for the day.

9:17am Get a text message from Ry’s teacher asking about his cup.  I forgot to put one in his bookbag this morning.  Dang it!  Remembered the pull ups and his IEP invitation response, but no cup.  Text back but get no response.

9:30am Try again to take that nap.  Keep singing ‘Sawed Off Shotgun’ by Glorious Sons in my head.  Not helping the nap bit.

10:30am Hit snooze on my alarm.

10:33am Paix comes in and tells me that I need to get up and get busy.  She’s awake before 12n so I should be too.

10:40am Pick up Den and start cleaning Ry’s room to include changing his sheets.  They stink.  Start laundry.

11:30am Off to run an errand for Eric – actually Eric’s boss, but same same.

12:30pm Lunch at Wendy’s because I deserve it!!

12:50pm More laundry.

1:00pm Make a call to insurance company regarding Occupational Therapy referral for Ryland.  Trying to get the provider changed because there is a wait list for the current one.  Given the information for another provider only to find out that it is wrong.

1:23pm Second call to insurance company regarding referral.  Try to get a legit provider.  They don’t have any others that are not pediatric.  Given a few numbers of pediatric Occupation Therapy providers to see what I can find out as far as getting referred to them.

1:39pm Start calling the numbers I was given.  First one will need to call me back after conferring with the resident OT regarding our situation.

1:44pm Call the number I found online for the first provider given in the earlier phone call to insurance company.  Turns out to also be the wrong number.  They obviously haven’t updated their website in a while.

1:45pm Get a call from Ryland’s teacher letting me know that Ry is ready to come home.  *sigh*

1:50pm Leave early to pick up Ry from school for ABA therapy.  Normally I leave around 2:15pm but because Ry had thrown a fit in class to leave, I pick him up early.  Remember laundry but don’t have time right now.

2:05pm Have to wait for another school employee to bring Ry up to the office because the teacher cannot leave the classroom.

2:31pm Arrive home with Ryland.  He immediately takes off his pants and pull up.  Put them back on him.

2:35pm Get Ry a drink.

2:37pm Make Ry put his pants back on.

2:44pm Get Ry another drink and again make him put his pull up and pants back on.

2:50pm Ry is finally settled on his bed watching YouTube videos on his kindle.

2:58pm Ryland’s RBT for in-home ABA arrives.

3:11pm The pants are off again.

3:15pm Ry is happy and content in the living room with RBT watching a lyric video of ‘All Star’ by Smashmouth on repeat.

3:23pm ABA really gets started.

3:54pm Ry tries eating the cat toys.  This is not part of ABA therapy.

4:21pm We are dancing to the music from Just Helping My Dad again I’m assuming in celebration of getting his pants back on.

5:07pm While trying to get Ry to brush his teeth, he snorts at me and my attempts.  An actual laugh snort!  At least he’s keeping his pants on now.

6:02pm RBT goes home.  Ry is in his room on his kindle and I get to start dinner.

6:37pm Aidan gets home and brings in the mail which includes a letter from Disability Determination Services informing us of an appointment for a Speech Evaluation for Ry in February.

7:15pm Ry emerges from his room completely naked except for his socks playing the song ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ on his kindle.

8:00pm Ry has fallen asleep.  I watch a movie on Netflix just because I can.

8:42pm Remember the laundry again but decide it can wait until tomorrow.

10:03pm Bedtime for mom.  Paix will take care of Ry until 2-3am so I can get some real sleep. 

11:00-ishpm Finally fall asleep.

12:58am Ry wanders into my room, waking me up for a drink and his kindle.  Paix is in the shower.

1:07am Back to bed.  Tomorrow is a new day!

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